Mobile Responsive Design
Custom HTML5 Websites

A modern website consists of an HTML5 responsive design. Meaning, a single site that can automatically adapt to the device screen size (phone, tablet, or workstation) of the site visitor is a responsive site. HTML5 provides advantages in search engine optimization (SEO) and in a richer user experience.

The four things: Our objectives for your website:

communicate a compelling message

We work very hard to understand your business so your target customer feels they came to the right place to meet their needs. Correct site messaging provides them the visual and textual reinforcement to confirm you understand what they are looking for and your company has the capabilities and qualifications to meet them.

drive traffic to your site

We take that understanding of your business and use it to build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your website’s design. We also provide advice on how to drive traffic to your site. Our goal is to achieve organic search results based on your site content, site design, and the external sites that reference back to your site.

provoke visitor actions and generate leads

Our goal is to help grow your business. We strive to inform and engage your site visitor to take actions that lead to more business for your company. We design in “call-to-actions” designed to provoke site visitors to an action that engages them so you can capture more leads.

measure results

We set up the analytics for the site so you get the feedback and information you need for marketing campaigns and how to optimize your site for even better results.